9NEWS – Explaining the science behind the keto diet

Watch Dr Gerber's interview on 9NEWS

Is a keto diet masochistic and artery clogging? Not at all. Here’s my rebuttal to local bariatric surgeon who is critical of these types of diets. I find his position surprising considering that keto diets are safe, effective, very easy to do long term and most importantly backed by science. Listen as I attempt to concisely explain, in all of three minutes!

Thanks to 9NEWS (KUSA) for the invite.

Dr Gerber’s interview: http://www.9news.com/news/health/explaining-the-science-behind-the-keto-diet/486683745

Interview with bariatric surgeon: http://www.9news.com/news/what-s-the-keto-diet-an-explainer/484669619

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