Calling all Physicians – Ancestral Health Retreat 2016

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The Physicians & Ancestral Health annual retreat is around the corner. The three day conference is scheduled Jan 21st-23rd at the Saguaro hotel in sunny Scottsdale Arizona. I’m a board member and personally want to invite all physicians, MDs, DOs, medical students, equivalents and Primal Docs physicians to our fourth annual international event. We have an amazing line-up of speakers (official schedule below) including two keynotes:

Michael Eades, MD – Keynote speaker is co-author of 14 books including Protein Power and blogger.

Randolph M. Nesse, MD – Keynote speaker is a professor of Life Sciences, director of ASU Center for Evolution and Medicine, foundation professor and President of the International Society of Evolution, Medicine and Public Health.

Darryl Edwards, MSc – The Fitness Explorerauthor and founder of Health Unplugged will be presenting and offering primal play and movement sessions.

Our program will be eligible for AAFP Prescribed Credit. AAFP Prescribed Credit is accepted by the American Medical Association as equivalent to AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ toward the AMA Physician’s Recognition Award. When applying for the AMA PRA, Prescribed credit earned must be reported as Prescribed credit, not as Category 1.

For those of you interested to attend the retreat, we are also requesting you become a member of our organization. Benefits of membership include: support for incorporating ancestral principles in your practice, resources for your patients, private forum for open discussion, ongoing conferences and retreats, like-minded friends with a shared experience and goals.

All potential, previous and current members please follow this link; Winter Retreat 2016 registration & membership for sign-up. Seats are still available.

Saturday afternoon and evening January 23rd are set aside for informal and fun activities around town. We look forward to seeing you there!

To better health for you and your patients,

Dr. Jeff

Here is the official PAH 2016 schedule:

Thursday – January 21, 2016
Time Speaker Topic
7:OO-8:OO Darryl Edwards, MSc Primal Play Session
7:3O-8:3O Breakfast Introduction to Participants
8:45-9:3O C. Rick Henriksen, MD, MPP and Polina Sayess, MD Welcome and Organizational Discussion
9:3O-1O:15 Jeffry Gerber, MD, FAAFP Framingham and the Muddy Waters
1O:3O-1O:55 Darryl Edwards, MSc 7 Steps to Get ‘Paleo’ Fit
11:OO-11:25 Daria Demkovich Schooler, MD Bovine Milk Proteins and Human Disease: Is There a Correlation?
11:3O-12:15 Dawn Lemanne, MD, MPH The Roles of Intermittent Fasting and Carbohydrate Restriction in Cancer Therapy
12:15-1:15 Lunch and Movement Get Some RAYS and Play with Darryl Edwards, MSc
1:3O-2:15 Bryan Barksdale, MD/PhD Student Ketogenic Diets and Ketone Bodies in Treatment of neurotrauma and Ischemia
2:3O-3:15 Carol Loffelmann, MD Music as Medicine
3:3O-4:15 Deborah Gordon, MD Outliving Our Evolutionary Legacy, Hormones at Work
4:3O-5:15 Tommy Wood, MD, PhD Fellow Medschool Circuits Exercise Program with Critique/Comments by Darryl Edwards, MSc


Friday – January 22, 2016
Time Speaker Topic
7:OO-8:OO Darryl Edwards, MSc Primal Play Session
7:3O-8:3O Breakfast
8:OO-9:OO Polina Sayess, MD and C. Rick Henriksen, MD, MPP PAH Organizational Discussion
9:OO-9:45 Georgia Ede, MD Mood and Memory: How Sugar Affects Brain Chemistry
1O:OO-1O:25 Jasmine Moghissi, MD CV Risk Modification with Diet, Case Studies
1O:3O-1O:55 Polina Sayess, MD Influencing Healthcare Policies: Update from the Trenches
11:OO-11:55 Robert Hansen, MD Atherosclerosis, Lipoprotein Retention Model, Gaps and Controvercies, Systems Approach to Pathogenesis
12:15-1:15 Lunch and Movement Get Some RAYS and Play with Darryl Edwards, MSc
2:OO-2:45 Tommy Wood, MD, PhD Fellow Systems Approach to CVD, IR, Carbs and Everything Else
3:OO-3:25 C. Rick Henriksen, MD, MPP Teaching the Teachers
3:3O-4:15 Randolph M. Nesse, MD – KEYNOTE SPEAKER Evolutionary Medicine
4:3O-5:3O Polina Sayess, MD, Jeffry Gerber, MD, FAAFP,
C. Rick Henriksen, MD, MPP
PAH Website and Organizational Issues, Annual Meeting of PAH
5:3O-6:15 Darryl Edwards, MSc Primal Play Session


Saturday – January 23, 2016
Time Speaker Topic
7:OO-8:OO Robert Hansen, MD Yogalates with Critique/Comments by Darryl Edwards, MSc
7:3O-8:3O Breakfast
 9:OO-9:45 Michael Eades, MD – KEYNOTE SPEAKER Paleopathology and the Origins of the Paleo Diet
 1O:OO-1O:45 Georgia Ede, MD Histamine Intolerance: Why Freshness Matters
 11:OO-11:45 Carol Loffelmann, MD, Jeffry Gerber, MD, FAAFP,
Jasmine Moghissi, MD, Polina Sayess, MD,
Ann M. Childers, MD
Panel Discussion: Using Social Media for Advancement of
 11:OO-11:45 Deborah Gordon, MD 23 and Me: Practical First Steps
 12:OO-12:45 C. Rick Henriksen, MD, MPP, Polina Sayess, MD Wrap Up, Loose Ends of Organizational Issues
 12:15-1:15 Lunch

Schedule Subject to Change


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