Diet, Inflammation and Cholesterol

Carb-Loaded invited me to do a Google+ video hangout. The hangout application is rather impressive as it allows live viewing, multiple users, recording and immediate posting to You Tube.

We discussed diet, inflammation, oxidative stress, cholesterol and cardiovascular disease risk assessment from the perspective of a family physician. Is Cholesterol the Innocent Bystander? Listen and share your thoughts.

Lathe and Eric are working on a Carb-Loaded food documentary. They will be drawing from a multitude of experts in the field of nutrition, prevention and health for this project. I wish them the best and plan to support their efforts.

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  • MK

    Is there anything about Gout and the paleo diet?

  • Hi Jeff.
    Really enjoyed the interview. Thanks for sharing it with us. You touched on some highly important issues. I also have had a lot of thoughts on the high LDL-C we sometimes see in people on low carb diets or Paleo. Although we know that other lipid parameters improve, it is difficult, in light of our knowledge, to ignore this. It´s possible that it is all large fluffy particles and so on, but I guess we can´t just count on that. Maybe, as you suggested, in the absence of inflammation and oxidative stress, high LDL-C may become harmless. But that´s still only a hypothesis. I also agree that people on low carb or Paleo usually don´t like the idea of statin treatment. Maybe, measurements of inflammatory markers, such as hsCRP may help us decide whether statins should be used or not under these circumstances.
    I think your point about individualizing dietary recommendation is very important. There is no one-size-fits all. Dietary recommendations will have to be tailored according to the patients needs, his/her health, weight and metabolic status.
    But, we still have a lot to learn.

    • Axel – (From one doc to another) A hypothesis for sure. Yes to looking at all the inflammatory markers, including hs-CRP. There may be a role for medications in this setting for some.

  • Lee Brooks

    Enjoyed this interview very much. One area I would like to hear more about relates to the question about why some people who follow a paleo or primal type diet see all metabolic factors greatly improve except total cholesterol and LDL-P. I believe people who see this anomaly may need to eat less saturated fat to moderate these numbers while still maintaining a low-carb, non-processed food diet–and maintain all the other metabolic benefits. Thoughts?

    • Lee – Others have also suggested increasing MUFA’s or monounsaturated fats to bring down LDL-P, but it is unclear if this actually reduces risk. Rising LDL-P seems to be the exception to the rule, but in these individuals maybe it is a good thing. Long-term studies show that people with higher cholesterol levels live longer. I am not saying here that rising LDL-P is definitely favorable, or not, just that the current evidence does not point to any one direction. All we have is expert opinion at this time. – Dr. Jeff

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