Dr. Cate Shanahan Support Group Podcast

Special guest Dr. Cate Shanahan, nutrition minded family doctor and author attended our Fridays Low Carb & Paleo Support group while visiting Denver. Listen to Dr. Cate discussing all things related to nutrition, health and longevity. Thanks to our support group regulars who make these events worthwhile, informative and entertaining.


I enjoyed spending time with Dr. Cate. Cross country skiing is one her favorite activities and she dragged me out for a great workout on the High Line Canal trail in Cherry Hills Village. The conditions were perfect.


  • bill

    She said your body can produce ketones from
    burning muscle. Never heard that before.
    Where can we find that info?

    • Bill, I Dr. Cate was referring to a state of starvation when lean muscle protein, fat and glycogen are used for energy producing ketosis. You are correct that protein itself does not directly produce ketone bodies. Her point compares healthy fat loss vs. starvation and or low fat diets that can also cause lean protein loss.

      • bill

        Yep. Thanks.