Dr. Rod Tayler Visiting From the Land of Oz

rod tayler office enhanced 540

Look who showed up at my office the other day! It’s none other than Dr. Rod Tayler (screen left) from the land down under. Dr. Tayler is a physician who is a low-carb and no sugar enthusiast, and is leading the movement in Australia with projects including Low Carb Down Under Presents. While visiting Colorado on his yearly ski trip, Rod spent a day shadowing me in the office. What fun!

Here we are gawking at our patient Brian (center) who has successfully lost 60 lbs (that’s 27kg for all you Aussies!) and still going strong on a low-carb/high fat diet. Brian has been detailing his personal adventure @ Shedding Myself. Go Brian!

The nutrition-based medical community seems to be growing all the time with worldwide notoriety and support. It’s a blast to be part of this group and to share ideas and case studies with other like-minded healthcare professionals and practitioners. Pretty soon we’ll take over the world!

  • Steve L

    I don’t doubt Dr Tayler is doing good work in this country, but ‘leading the movement’? He might prefer to be described as one among a number of others. Sorry..I prefer understatement to overstatement.

  • Jill

    I am worried about a butter shortage.