Engineer vs. Family Docs: Discussing Low Carb and Hyperinsulinemia

While in Chicago for the Dr. Joseph Kraft interview, engineer Ivor Cummins, Dr. Ted Naiman and I had some time to geek out and figured we’d record some bits. Please pardon the sound quality (not terrible however) as this was an impromptu idea attempting a recording right in the middle of our hotel’s lounge! And if you were a fly on the wall… here we discuss topics including Kraft’s work, cardiovascular risk, working the front line deep in the trenches of primary care addressing nutrition and health, proper research, engineering, “The Matrix” and lots more.

And if that video isn’t enough for you, here’s a brilliant spot-on and timely presentation from layperson “Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off” blogger “Butter” Bob Briggs discussing hyperinsulinemia, insulin resistance, weight loss and the research of Dr. Joseph Kraft and Dr. George F. Cahill. Bob makes this stuff easy to understand and really, it ain’t that difficult.


Bob nicely summarizes Kraft’s three patterns of hyperinsulinemia and compares it to ‘euinsulinemia’ (or ‘normal’) in the graph below. You simply can’t lose weight when insulin levels are this high people! Sadly most are not properly screened for hyperinsulinemia and doctors are unaware of the enormity of the problem.


Dr. Joesph Kraft's three patterns of hyerinsulinemia (uIU/ml)

Stay tuned for Dr. Kraft’s recorded interview with Ivor Cummins. “Only a life lived FOR OTHERS is a life WORTHWHILE”.