Gary Taubes and Christopher Gardner – Diet Trends and Food Policy

Diet Trends and Food Policy. Science journalist Gary Taubes and the lead investigator of the famous A to Z weight loss study, Christopher Gardner, PhD participating in a discussion panel at Stanford University. A wonderful collaboration of two brilliant people.

  • Bonnie Modugno, MS, RD

    Wow. Thank you for sharing this video. I am a fan of both Gary Taubes and Chris Gardner. I am dietitian and have practiced this way for almost 20 years–publishing my first paper on insulin resistance in 1995, but mostly fighting the good fight solo. I’d love to reach more MD’s open to this orientation. Mostly, I want to consult for doctors like you. Any suggestions for MDs in the Santa Monica/Los Angeles area?

    • Bonnie – I have provided links on my site under Nutrition and Weight Loss resources to assist you and others. Please have a look, they include Low Carb and Paleo friendly doc’s!

  • Are there any MDs in the Orlando, FL area with these interests? I want to set up a support group of interested individuals.