Low Carb and Paleo Support Group with Larry Diamond and Family

Special guests Larry Diamond and family, while on vacation in Colorado joined us for Friday’s Low Carb and Paleo Support Group. The recorded session runs ~42 minutes.

Larry Diamond and his family embarked on their LCHF journey 3 years ago after an uncle was diagnosed with dementia. They focused on lifestyle as the way to avoid dementia and researched nutrition out of concern for the impacts chronic disease would have on themselves and their young daughter.

Since then they have lost a combined 200 lbs, resolved all health issues, and are thriving.

Read more about their story at Diet Doctor. Here are some before and after pictures of the families’ transformation. Dr. Cate Shanahan and I had time to enjoy some great Sashimi with the Diamonds while getting to know these lovely people.

Larry Diamond Red Rocks before after

Larry Diamond Red Rocks editLarry Diamond Dinner