Michel Lundell – To Assess Ketosis by Blood or Breath Testing?

Michel Lundell looks at the differences between measuring ketones via blood and breath when assessing ketosis.

Here’s the latest release from Low Carb Breckenridge 2017 conference.

Presentation slides are available here to download in PDF format

Michel is a Swedish engineer and inventor who suffered his first seizure in 2004 and was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2012.

After searching for methods to avoid the side effects of his seizure medication, Michel discovered the ketogenic diet as a means for controlling his seizures.

As Michel came to understand the limitations of blood and urine ketone testing, Michel started investigating the analysis of breath ketones and went on to invent the world’s first commercially available breath ketone analyser, the ‘Ketonix’.

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  • Christin Marie

    what brand is his breath meter and where can it be purchased??

  • Bill Robinson

    Another great video. I’ve got two Ketonixes Ketoni?

    Someone on Annika Dahlqvist’s site posted this idea:

    World LCHF Day on January 16th

    I think it’s a great idea and I’m hoping people can get
    the idea rolling.