PaleoFX 2013 ain’t Disneyland

Lane Sebring – Amy Myers – Robb Wolf – Chris Kresser – Jeff Gerber


Wondering how healthy (or not) we are as Americans? Just take a stroll down your local city sidewalks, or even better, go take a trip to Disney theme parks and see for yourself. OK, so Disney Main Street USA may represent a select group of amusement park going burnt out and sleep deprived parents chasing sugar crazed children around, but it is frightening to see how overweight and unhealthy appearing we are as Americans. I am certainly glad to see that Disney has made a commitment to support healthy food advertising (whatever that means) and exercise, but the problem goes way beyond amusement parks and cotton candy.

Want a different experience? Take a trip to PaleoFX or any other ancestral health related symposium this year or next and see what life is like on the other side. Having just returned from my first PaleoFX event, I can tell you how amazing it was to see such a large group of healthy and fit individuals of all ages gathering in one location. Again representing a highly select group of people but, you get the impression that they must be doing something right.

The group focuses not only on the treatment and prevention of chronic disease, but more importantly truly optimizing health and performance. Admittedly, optimizing health and performance were not always in the radar screen for me who was traditionally trained in allopathic medicine. Ancestral theory begins with eating nutrient dense foods and goes on from there.

The speakers were excellent. Pictured above to my right in the photo are Chris Kresser, Robb Wolf, Dr. Amy Myers and Dr. Lane Sebring. There were many other superstars present, including Jimmy Moore who has lost over seventy pounds since last year’s event through his nutritional ketosis program. Some great topics were discussed, but personally meeting the experts and getting to pick their brains was invaluable.

The science behind ancestral health draws from many areas of expertise. Our challenge is and will continue to be how to further integrate this knowledge into programs that will benefit our patients.

Rumor has it that the PaleoFX group is planning satellite events, with the 1st stop being Denver! Stay tuned as more information becomes available.