Your Personal Paleo Code by Chris Kresser: book review


Like the layers of an organically grown onion, Chis Kresser L.A-c unravels the story of healing and restoration using real food in Your Personal Paleo Code.

Chris (an integrative and functional medicine practitioner) is the quintessential nerd, geek, and bio-hacker, who also knows how to effectively communicate. Having personally met Chris, heard him lecture, followed him online, and now read his book, I can tell you that this man is brilliant! He now shares with readers his discoveries through years of personal research and clinical experience in his highly anticipated first book. The book challenges current “healthy” mainstream nutritional guidelines and addresses the unhealthy standard American diet.

Chris discusses how farming and industry introduced unhealthy, nutrient-void, refined foods containing grains, sugars and industrial seed oils into our modern diet. From an evolutionary perspective, he discusses how these modern foods remain foreign to the human body relative to human existence. These foods were not consumed by our healthy ancestors in their current form, and appear to directly cause many of the chronic diseases that we see today in modern society. The book provides valuable lessons from our ancestors: eat traditional whole, nutrient dense foods including animals, plants and natural fats to heal and restore.

The book is broken down into a one-size does NOT fit all 3-step plan: reset, rebuild and revive, to lose weight, reverse disease, and stay fit and healthy for life. It sounds simple enough; however, further reading reveals how in-depth the content really is, addressing specific health conditions including weight, diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, hormone imbalance and digestive disorders just to name a few. The book will serve as a great reference for all bio-hackers, healthcare professionals, and the general public.

The principals spelled out in Chris’ book compliment our progressive family medicine office. Our functional approach addresses primary prevention and chronic disease management using whole foods, often replacing or bypassing medication. This book is a must read for my patients and for anyone interested in learning more about the life changing power of real food. Your Personal Paleo Code is now available.

Also, Chris will be travelling to Colorado this January 2014 for personal appearances and book signings. Don’t miss the chance to meet him:

Chris Kresser Book Release Party – January 17th @ CrossFit Sanitas in Boulder at 7 pm

Chric Kresser – Your Personal Paleo Code Book Tour Event – January 19th in Denver at 10 am 

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Jeffry Gerber, MD
Denver’s Diet Doctor