Some Cardiologists Agree – It’s not all about Cholesterol


Jamie Doucet, MD is a local Cardiologist from Boulder Colorado who actually knows a thing or two about nutrition and heart disease prevention.  I had a chance to meet with Dr. Doucet along with Stephen Parcell, ND on KGNU (Boulder, CO) live radio 2/21/13.

We had a great discussion looking at many diets, including Low Fat, Mediterranean, Low Carb High Fat, Ancestral, Paleo and Safe Starch.

Dr. Doucet understands the relationship between refined and processed foods, inflammation, oxidative stress, cholesterol and atherogenesis. He agrees that cholesterol is probably the innocent bystander.

Listen to the entire radio broadcast here. This show is part five of the Heart Attack Chronicles series produced by Shelley Schlender.

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Watch video excerpts from the radio show: