Sugar Love – A Not So Sweet Story


Sugar addiction is headlined in the August issue of National Geographic. You can read the entire article here.

Author Rich Cohen explores the history of our unhealthy love of sugar and has interviewed Colorado’s own Richard Johnson, MD professor of medicine at the University of Colorado and author of The Fat Switch.

The authors were recently interviewed by Diana Rehm on NPR radio. Listen to the entire interview here.

  • Eric CO

    Hi Dr. Jeff- thanks for sharing the article. Not much new data as far as fructose being a toxin in high quantities, but it’s great to see the message reaching mainstream publications.

    I found this quote to be the most striking and believe it’s a major hurdle for your average person trying to avoid excessive sugar “The trouble is, in today’s world it’s extremely difficult to avoid
    sugar, which is one reason for the spike in consumption. Manufacturers
    use sugar to replace taste in foods bled of fat so that they seem more
    healthful, such as fat-free baked goods, which often contain large
    quantities of added sugar.”

    Of course with the cronyism going around between the food manufacturers and government I see the problem with hidden sugar deepening. Just look at the dairy producers request to the FDA, earlier this year, to allow unlabeled aspartame in dairy products to “promote more healthful eating practices and reduce childhood obesity by providing for lower-calorie flavored milk products”. They did this because they truly care about our health or there’s more money to be had with children craving the sugary crap disguised as dairy?