The Heart Attack Chronicles – KGNU Live 2/21 8:30 am MST

The Heart Attack Chronicles

Listen or participate in part five of The Heart Attack Chronicles series on KGNU radio live, Thursday 2/21/2013 8:30 am MST. Produced by Shelley Schlender, this will be a call in episode. I am invited to answer questions related to heart health, cholesterol and nutrition. Here is a list of the panel members:

The show will live stream here and you can listen to the entire recorded series here.

Should be interesting!

  • Eric CO

    Dr. Gerber- I wanted to thank you for all the work you’re doing here in Denver! My family and I have been paleo/ancestral style eating for the past 2.5 years after going through the gamut of conventional medical practice during my mid 20’s to early 30’s.

    I followed all the advice to lose a little weight and get my hypertension in check (Standard American Diet, Rx’s, ECG, EKG, Stress, Angiogram, CT Scan, etc) with no changes in hypertension or weight, except the side affects of the prescription drugs.

    Then they believed it to be a coarctation of the aorta- then another round of tests, specialists, etc ensued.

    I remember my breaking point very clear- I was laying on a stent table after another round of tests found that my blood pressure was high on both sides of the coarc and having a cardiologist telling me with that the calcification of my aorta was significant and that I had the heart of a 70 yo (I was in my early 30’s)!!! I asked what I could do about it and he said he didn’t know- he’d never seen it before and gave me a Berkley test.

    That all started the ball rolling on researching Berkley results and lifestyle changes, not accepting fate that I had no control over this. I’ve read more nutritional studies, blogs, books that I feel I know more about nutrition that most Doctors.

    I’m still working on white coat hypertension; which was created after my experiences, but I’m well within weight and my anxiety is well controlled by eating what our bodies were designed to eat!

    I’m a healthy guy and have no health concerns at the moment, but when I do I’m looking to transfer to you as my PCP (I currently see the Dr.s on the 1st floor of your building). Thanks again for spreading the message because we need more doctors like yourself!


    • Eric – Thanks for your kind words and for sharing your story with our viewers. It is great to hear that you are feeling better on a Paleo diet. You should stick with it. Unusual to have so much calcium in your Aorta at such a young age, but the coarctation and the turbulence it creates is most likely to blame. Many things to consider down the road. It would be a pleasure to see you in our office. Please call us. – Dr Jeff

      • Eric CO

        Thanks Doctor- I’ve had a calcium score done at Dr. Blanchet’s office and he stated the Aorta score was 0 but heavy calcification of the annulus and never got a clear indication if that was related to the coarctation itself.

        I think it would be worthwhile to come in and discuss my record with a doctor that is more inline with my view of nutrition and lifestyle. I haven’t been to a Dr. in some time since my last dealings left me with major anxiety that ended up doing more harm (physically and mentally) than results.

        Thanks and I’ll be calling your office!

  • The live radio show was fun. I was pleasantly surprised because the Cardiologist, the ND and I agreed on the majority of the issues discussed.

    The show was recorded, both audio and video. Look for those recordings here: