Fat Reform – Obesity, Food Politics and the Perils of Dietary Carbohydrates – ASBP Orlando

Watch my Fat Reform lecture at the ASBP obesity conference in Orlando, October 26, 2012 . Present were almost 600 physicians and healthcare professionals. This lecture discusses the new paradigm of low carb, high fat, LCHF, ancestral, paleo and primal diets, carbohydrate and fat metabolism, cholesterol, inflammation, oxidative stress and chronic metabolic disease. The history of nutrition, food politics and a review of the scientific evidence supporting the discussion.

Here is the link to download the PowerPoint slide presentation

Presented for American Society of Bariatric Physicians’ (ASBP) Continuing Medical Education Program. Used with permission of the ASBP.

  • Barbara Shea Tracy

    As a family nurse practitioner in primary care, I treat many type II diabetics. I’ve found that those who follow the American Diabetes Association (ADA) diet have unstable blood sugars as they are consuming WAY too many carbs. I have offered my patients low carb as an alternative and provide them with food lists, recipes and websites. Those who follow low carb see a dramatic improvement with low carb! Many have come off their oral diabetic meds, one has come off insulin and they are coming off their blood pressure meds. Their cholesterol numbers (fractioned as we do not do the regular lipid panel) are beautiful! I encourage them to go wheat-free. Given that I believe that I should practice what I preach, I went wheat-free, low carb last June, lost 36 pounds and have never felt better! I am planning a Community Education seminar for the public this spring. The problem is, many in the medical field, believe that the low carb, ketogenic eating is “killing people”. I back up all of my information with credible research and resources. Will you ever be in Massachusetts? We’d welcome you with open arms!

    • Barbara, I share in your passion. Education starts with one patient at a time. We would also enjoy having more healthcare professionals like yourself here in Colorado. Good luck with your seminar. I will be close to Massachusetts attending the ASBP/N&M annual low carb meeting in Philadelphia this March 2014. http://www.asbp.org/cmecertification/livecme/biannualconference.html. Maybe you can attend? – Dr Jeff

  • Tim H.

    Dr. Gerber,

    Great talk. Thank you for the resources on your website and the active discussion on your blog. I am a family practice PA in Pueblo, CO and have become frustrated chasing and treating the chronic metabolic conditions related to obesity without having the resources to address the underlying fundamental problem. The majority of mainstreem primary care lacks the resourses to properly address nutrition. I’m grateful to have found this lecture because it is reassuring to see a family practice physician using nutrition as therapy, recognizing the fundamental flaws in thinking that got us here, and who has a healthy dose of skepticism for conventional standards of care. I look forward to future posts.

    Tim H.

    • Tim – Thanks for your comments. Pueblo, CO is around the corner. I will be giving this talk at the 2013 CSOM Annual Meeting & Summertime CME, August 8-11, 2013 in Breckenridge, CO http://www.coloradodo.org/CME/Annual%20Meeting/AM%20info%20Page.htm

      • Tim H.

        Sounds great. I would love to attend and will look into it. I am currently finishing an advanced clinical nutrition certificate and I’ve been fortunate to have professors who have presented LCHF nutrition concepts. I initially was hesitant, but intrigued and with continued reading and resources, like your site, the bulb has gone on and is shining brightly. My wife (also a PA) and I are very active and typically eat lots of whole foods and avoid processed foods and sugars. We been discussing adopting more of the LCHF lifestyle. I am finding that it is more of a mental struggle than I expected as we gave all become preconditioned to think fat is bad. Thanks again for your great work and conviction.