Cholesterol OMG – Dr. Gerber talk Friday May 2nd Koelbel Library

I’ve been invited to talk about cholesterol testing, diet, and cardiovascular risk on the upcoming Low Carb Cruise 2014. You might ask, who wants to go on a cruise and listen to lectures all day? I’m not quite sure about it, but Jimmy Moore, our cruise director, assures me that there will be plenty of time for sun […]

Putting the FUN in Functional. Medicine, that is.

  Meet Joe. Joe dreamt of becoming a physician his entire life. When his dream was finally realized, he was beside himself! With the rigors of medical school, however, Joe developed some health troubles. He sought help for his newfound bloating, loose bowel movements, and fatigue with a gastroenterologist. The physician that saw him listened […]

Your Personal Paleo Code by Chris Kresser: book review

Like the layers of an organically grown onion, Chis Kresser L.A-c unravels the story of healing and restoration using real food in Your Personal Paleo Code. Chris (an integrative and functional medicine practitioner) is the quintessential nerd, geek, and bio-hacker, who also knows how to effectively communicate. Having personally met Chris, heard him lecture, followed him […]

Cereal Killers Movie: Don’t Fear Fat!

  Watch a preview of the new Cereal Killers movie. For only $4.99 US dollars rent or give as a gift the entire streaming online movie and support this South African independent filmmaker Donal O’Neill, who is also the main character! Follow Donal’s four week journey as he embarks on a quest to improve his […]

Validating more Statin therapy: disappointing!

The American Heart Association (AHA) / American College of Cardiology (ACC) new cardiovascular disease prevention guidelines were recently published in Circulation November 2013 (four sections). Read the AHA synopsis with additional ACC commentary. The federal government’s National, Heart, Lung & Blood Institute (NHLBI) felt the need to rush these recommendations to publication and with the help of these allies they achieved that goal. These new recommendations (what […]

From Fabulous to Fatigued: Why are we all so tired?

Pop quiz time! When you think fatigue, weight gain, thinning hair and feeling cold, what disease process comes to mind? I often see patients with this constellation of symptoms who ask for in-depth thyroid testing because they are absolutely sure they have hypothyroidism. We draw labs, and to the patient’s surprise, the labs are normal. […]