The Frugal Gourmet: Paleo and LCHF on a Budget

  I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Fred Frugal. Fred is a pretty basic guy. He has been married for 14 years. He’s a high school teacher in an average sized-city with an average-sized family (2.5 children, 1 dog). His wife, Frieda, works part-time in a luggage store at the local mall. The […]

Cholesterol and Health News: Eat Butter!

Time magazine’s cover story, Ending the War on Fat, declares “Eat Butter” to improve cholesterol and health. This historic message reverses 30+ years of bad nutritional advice largely based on unproven hypotheses, inconclusive research, opinion and bureaucracy. Although the front cover might imply we slather butter on everything, the predominant theme of the story illustrates how saturated fat […]

Who’s the cholesterol expert now?

My new chemical engineer friend and colleague, Ivor Cummins, has turned biochemistry into his hobby. Although I can think of many more entertaining hobbies it is fascinating to watch Ivor use his engineering skills, calculating his way through piles of evidence to solve the nutrition, cholesterol and health equation. Listen and watch his technical but fascinating presentation, The […]

A Healthy Body Image: Imagine the Possibilities!

I want to get real for a minute. How many of you are regularly worried about “those last 10 pounds”? As in, “If I lose these last 10 pounds, I’ll finally be ___.” Maybe that ___ is happy, maybe it’s beautiful, maybe it’s successful. Or MAYBE, though you wouldn’t think so and wouldn’t want to […]

Choleterol OMG PowerPoint slides in .pdf format

Here is a link to the Cholesterol OMG PowerPoint in .pdf format. Watch our Cholesterol OMG presentation and see how saturated fat consumption improves cholesterol and health as is discussed in Time magazine’s cover story, Ending the War on Fat, and by registered dietitian Joy Bauer in her NBC Today show segment. I’m encouraged to see mainstream now discussing advanced lipid testing […]

Cholesterol OMG – Dr. Gerber talk Friday May 2nd Koelbel Library

I’ve been invited to talk about cholesterol testing, diet, and cardiovascular risk on the upcoming Low Carb Cruise 2014. You might ask, who wants to go on a cruise and listen to lectures all day? I’m not quite sure about it, but Jimmy Moore, our cruise director, assures me that there will be plenty of time for sun […]