Dr Amy Savagian – Functional Medicine and Ketogenic Nutrition

Dr Amy Savagian takes us through the many benefits of ketogenic nutrition when combined with a functional medicine approach to health.

Here’s the latest release from Low Carb Breckenridge 2017 conference.

Presentation slides are available here to download in PDF format

Dr Savagian was trained at the University of Southern California and finished medical school in 2009. Since that time she has done internship and residency at USC, White Memorial and Huntington Memorial Hospital.

Dr Savagian uses a personalized, system based approach to wellness that empowers patients to achieve their highest expression of health. This systems based approach is also known as Functional Medicine.

Dr Savagian has a preventative focus and uses a blend of conventional western medicine, holistic medicine and medical nutrition to achieve optimal health for her patients. She is board certified in internal medicine, integrative medicine and obesity medicine.

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