Fat Reform Lecture at Natural Grocers

Please join me at the Natural Grocers, Colorado & Evans, Saturday 11/17/12 @ 1 pm for our next public lecture.

Fat Reform: Obesity Food Politics and the Perils of Dietary Carbohydrates.

Seminar Description:

The government’s previous food pyramid and current food plate are supposed to support good health but Americans are getting sicker and fatter. Join us for a fascinating look at the history of modern nutrition, federal policy and the food industry and what it means for your health.

Learn how:

  • Insulin and Leptin work in the body to regulate food energy and hunger.
  • All macronutrients are not created equal.
  • To redefine human nutrition for weight loss and optimal health.

  • I’ll be there!

    We badly need help figuring out meal planning. We’re not doing very well, and we don’t understand why, and I have found very few resources online that give specific meal plans for LCHF so far. We’re craving guidance on this, as we’re becoming very frustrated (especially my wife). Stalled for 3 weeks now, seemingly unable to get into ketosis no matter what we eat (greasy pork, sausage, bacon, eggs, heavy cream, a whole avocado a day each, full-fat cheese, etc. Typical sides include a romaine/celery/cucumber salad with bacon, almonds and drenched in ranch or blue cheese dressing. Butter-drenched broccoli. Brussel sprouts fried in coconut oil and bacon grease. Drinking more water than ever. We must be missing something, but haven’t figured out what.

    I look forward to the event this Saturday. Is there a cost?

    • See you there Jamie

    • melancholyaeon

      Wow, that sounds like a lot of protein and too many calories unless you all are running the marathon! Calories do count, altho’ you shouldn’t need to count them with LCHF. That the natural appetite suppression of fat consumption hasn’t kicked in suggests you aren’t eating enough actual fat, but instead too much protein. I really don’t know anyone who can eat an entire avocado at once. 🙂 I register 2.4 on the blood ketone meter, am a woman over 35, lift very heavy weights 1x a week, don’t have a car so I have to walk everywhere, and still eat only 1650 calories a day: 80-82% fat, 12-14% protein, and the remainder 8-6% carbs. In fact I hope to reduce my cal intake soon to just 1550 once I reach my goal weight. I eat only 2 oz portions of protein; 3 oz portions of green veggies only, and never more than 2 oz avocado. I actively avoid nuts and cheese because the calories really add up fast. Basically I eat 14 oz. of food a day, no more, but in everything I retain the natural fat, and I cook in everything in a normal, reasonable amount of fat. No need to drown things in butter: think more the small portions normally cooked that Julia Childs would make on her show. My first suggestion is to get a blood ketone meter to test accurately, and then cut protein and replace with fat. There are many free online food trackers that make planning and track your fat intake easy. Best wishes.

  • Phocion Timon

    The Natural Grocers in my town has a tough time keeping vat-pasteurized whipping cream, full-fat yogurt, etc., in stock.

    • Vat-pasteurized products have a shorter half life. Your store need to keep up with the demand!