Support group with engineer Marty Kendall – Nutrient Optimiser

Engineer Marty Kendall is developing a new tool called Nutrient Optimiser. Two participants from support group provided food diaries to Marty. Watch as he talks about the new tool and analyzes their diets, looking for micro-nutrient deficiencies. Unlike other tracking tools, Marty considers many parameters including insulin load, energy density and the micro-nutrients.

Nutrient Optimiser report (pdf) for Lorraine

Nutrient Optimiser report (pdf) for George

Here’s an explanation from Marty:

What makes this new tool different?

LOTS of people track calories and macros which have a limited usefulness. MyFitnessPal alone has more than 165 million users!

Cron-o-meter does a great job of tracking micronutrients and tells you which ones you might be deficient in, but doesn’t tell you what to do about it.

Each person has their own unique micronutrient fingerprint and needs a personalized nutritional solution.

We spend a lot of time arguing about the right balance of carbs, fat and protein, but the reality is that many of these macronutrient wars would be unnecessary if we focused on balancing our micronutrients with whole foods.

It’s easy to identify foods that are high in a single nutrient. But which foods will be the most effective to fill the range of micronutrients that YOU are currently not getting enough of?

The Nutrient Optimizer is the only tool that will tell you which foods in YOUR cupboard you should be eating more of, which ones you should throw out and which food you should look for next time you go shopping.

If you are managing diabetes, insulin resistance or a condition that requires therapeutic ketosis you can use the Nutrient Optimizer to make better food choices to help you reduce the insulin load of your diet.

As your insulin and blood glucose levels normalize the Nutrient Optimizer will guide you to choose the nutrient dense foods with a lower energy density that will help you continue the journey towards your ideal weight.

If you’re an athlete the Nutrient Optimizer will help you chose healthy foods with a higher energy density to support your activity without having to resort to gels and other junk.

Thanks for being a part of the journey to develop the Nutrient Optimizer into a tool that I hope will help a lot of people regain their health through a systematized approach to truly personalized nutrition.

Other sites from Marty:

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