Visiting the Caveman Cafeteria in downtown Denver


Amy and I ventured downtown to visit Will White at the Caveman Cafeteria on 16th and Larimer in Denver. The food is amazing! They also provide gourmet catering for events and hopefully a prepared food service for the home. Highly recommend.

  • David Rael

    I also made the trip out with some guys from work – only a few blocks away. Had the steak & kale and it was awesome. Totally agree about that Wagyu breed.

  • Eric – My favorite, the Bistro Steak, lots of flavor and mushrooms. The grass finished Wagyu beef from New Zealand has some serious flavor.

  • Eric CO

    Hey Doc- I donated on Kickstarter to these guys but haven’t had a chance to make it down to try the food. What’s a good item to get?

    Also, we love Mmm… Coffee in the Santa Fe Arts District, great soups, salads and Paleo pastries!