Cereal Killers Movie: Don’t Fear Fat!

Watch Cereal Killers movie

Watch a preview of the new Cereal Killers movie. For only $4.99 US dollars rent or give as a gift the entire streaming online movie and support this South African independent filmmaker Donal O’Neill, who is also the main character!

Follow Donal’s four week journey as he embarks on a quest to improve his health and fitness while eating low carb high fat (LCHF). He becomes a human guinea pig, enduring blood tests, body measurements, detailed food logging and several days in a metabolic chamber. Many great interviews with the experts like Timothy Noakes MD, John Briffa MD and Robert Lustig MD. Listen to discussions about the science behind LCHF and cardiovascular disease risk assessment that serve to debunk the conventional and dated low fat low calorie recommendations based on the USDA Food Pyramid and My Plate.

The mainstream majority and all healthcare professionals need to watch this great documentary!

March 2014 update:

– Saturated fat completely safe according to new big review (meta-analysis) in the Annals of Internal Medicine!

– Recent NPR story: Don’t Fear The Fat: Experts Question Saturated Fat Guidelines.

– Britin’s National Health Service review of recent saturated fat meta-analysis. Saturated fats and heart disease link ‘unproven’.

– Watch The Cereal Killers team on British breakfast TV



  • Sue

    My body fat mass appears to be >55 now, am wondering if higher fat intake is affecting it- or is just due to my being overweight? Am scared to continue the high fat now- was enjoying eggs, avocado, coconut and avocado oil and cheeses

  • rs711

    How deep does this movie go into the actual science? Or is it more of an introduction to the uninitiated? I’ll suggest it to friends and family regardless 🙂